07 March, 2009

Week 1 - Introductions

Hi everyone

This is my fifth paper towards the Grad Cert in eLearning, so the end is in sight! It's great to see some familiar names again - Elaine and Joy have studied alongside me during 2008 and have been a great support.

I am the eLearning Advisor and Developer for the Faculty of Humanities & Business at UCOL in Palmerston North. Currently I work alongside the New Zealand Diploma in Business and NZIM Certificate in Management teaching and administration staff (at Wanganui and PN campuses) to support them in developing fully online and blended delivery of resources using Moodle. Moodle was introduced to UCOL a year ago. Staff are also using Blackboard, currently being phased out.

I am also a Senior Lecturer with the School of Business and a certified Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Maps. When I itch to return to the F2F classroom I facilitate TLC (Think, Learn & Create) workshops for UCOL staff:
  • TLC using Mind Maps,
  • TLC for a Balanced Life,
  • TLC for Notemaking & Notetaking and
  • TLC for creative lesson planning.

I look forward to this paper to gain further knowledge and understanding in elearning evaluation.

I wish to create a relevant, valid and reliable evaluation that can be used for our fully online Moodle programmes for NZDB and NZIM, something I have not been able to develop yet at UCOL.


  1. Kay it is great to have you online on your blog.You certainly have a busy role and an excellent environment to practise your evaluation skills on. I am intrigued by the TLC for a balanced life - is that with or without eLearning? it certainly threw my balance out of kilter when I started looking after Blackboard training and online design work in 2001. I am looking forward to working with you on your evaluation project.

  2. Hi Bronwyn

    Thank you for your feedback. The TLC for a Balanced Life is interactive, reflective and F2F in very much an applied sense. It looks at your life holistically and identifies how to establish a strong platform in those areas - so when say one part of your life changes the structures are in place to ensure you have the strength to remain as balanced as possible. Things I have learned in my journey of life so far!

    It would be interesting to consider how I could 'elearn' it! Maybe that could be my next project!