14 March, 2009

Week 3 - eLearning guidelines for quality

This week’s task is to identify 2 eLearning guidelines relevant to my area of practice (with the School of Business staff teaching fully online and/or in a blended delivery environment).

eLearning guidelines

In the past year as the eLearning Advisor & Developer I have identified the following "eLearning Guidelines for New Zealand" that I wish to specifically to address relating to quality in online teaching and learning.

  1. 1.1 Teaching staff: learning design: learner/centred

    TD5: has a representative sample of students tested the elearning materials and any necessary modifications been made?

  2. 1.2 Teaching staff: teaching relationships: collaboration

    TT13: does the teacher evaluate the elearning during their course to identify its effectiveness and how to improve it?

Quality eLearning issues

In 2008 we introduced our third LMS – Moodle. Teaching staff had been using Colts LMS and Blackboard for just over five years. During this time, an ongoing issue from an eLearning Advisor and Developer’s perspective has been the lack of internal quality control procedures. There is no formal moderation processes of online resources centred around best practice models. We have yet to develop a relevant and checklist for design and delivery of an online paper at UCOL.

How the guidelines may address the issues

I would hope that the introduction of a student evaluation by Online Tutors, with the support and guidance of the eLearning Advisor and Developer would assist in the ongoing improvement and effectiveness of online courses.

The criteria for evaluating the quality of online courses would be developed based on research and collaboration.

Milne, J. & Dimock, E. (2006). eLearning guidelines - guidelines for the support of elearning in New Zealand tertiary institutions. (version 0.8). Massey University.

Wright, C. R. (n.d.). Criteria for evaluating the quality of online courses. Alberta.


  1. Hi Kaye
    A well written post and your issues fit perfectly with the guidelines. Will follow your posting with interest.

  2. Very comprehensive and fact-ridden post Kay. Well done :)

  3. Kay it is good to see you have been busy posting and have chosen two guidelines from the teaching area to address a lack of internal quality control procedures. Certainly a checklist for design and delivery is a helpful resource to have in eLearning. Adrienne has mentioned a resource she uses - have you had a look at that yet? See: http://elearning.typepad.com/thelearnedman/ID/evaluatingcourses.pdf