14 March, 2009

Weeks 10 & 11 - Conducting the evaluation

Once I received feedback from Bronwyn (shared here at Google docs) I edited my initial draft to reflect these changes. Similar to Rachel I am having fun trying to get used to Google docs and use the collaborative tools effectively ... it's a work in progress!

On Wednesday 13 May I met with five of the eight staff from the Business School team (the Focus Group) in Whanganui to provide a background to the Evaluation questionnaires. We identified a number of appropriate stakeholders to invite to a luncheon the following week (20 May) and participate in this evaluation process:
  1. Questionnaire - student evaluation. Current and former students will be evaluating an NZIM CBS 808 Moodle site, currently in its initial stages of development and now available for critique. They will also be asked to comment on whether the Questionnaire Items and questions within each Item are relevant and where necessary, provide feedback.

    (TD5: usability - has a representative sample of students tested the eLearning materials and any necessary modifications been made?).

  2. Best Practice Checklist (or Guidelines). Stakeholders from within and outside of UCOL have been identified and are now being approached to attend the luncheon also and to participate in the completion of the Best Practice Checklist. They too will be asked to comment on whether the Checklist Items and questions within each Item are relevant and where necessary, provide feedback.

    (TT13: quality - what criteria can be used during the design and development of an eLearning course to guide best practice).

I also intend to collect data and information by interview (face-to-face, telephone, Skype, email, Discussion Forum) and where appropriate, by observation.

I also need to meet with UCOL Ethics Committee before I get to this stage! And ... to provide worthwhile feedback to my peers studying alongside me in this course!

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