14 March, 2009

Weeks 12 & 13 - Analysis of data and results

My updated Assignment 2 - Evaluation Plan is now available here on google docs.

I trialled the initial Best Practice Checklist set of questions with a small group from Whanganui campus. I soon realised there were too many questions, some were repeated and some needed clarification. Also, most responses I received from staff tended to reflect an evaluation of a Moodle site, rather than scaling each standard according to whether they thought it relevant to their role if they were assessing a potential Moodle site. So it all ground to a halt! After navel-gazing - actually in-between selling and buying a house, selling all my old furniture, buying new and shifting ... then recovering (aka sleeping) ... I renamed the checklist to "Quality Matters Checklist" and revamped it to cover 6 Items:
  1. General Overview & Introduction
  2. Learner Support & Technology Support
  3. Resources & Materials
  4. Design & Navigation
  5. Engagement, Interaction & Reflection
  6. Assessment
Within each Item, there are a number of standards.

After a discussion with Bronwyn I also separated the two sets of questions -
  • Yesterday I sent version 2 of the (Quality Matters) Checklist to NZDB staff in Whanganui to complete (hopefully by Monday).

    TT13 - what criteria can be used during the design and development of an eLearning course (paper) to guide best practice (relevant UCOL staff and stakeholder/s to complete);

  • I then selected 20 questions from the same Checklist and created an online questionnaire in the NZDB (WG) Administration site in Moodle. I also sent an email to all participants (current students) in the site explaining the purpose of the questionnaire and seeking feedback, also by early next week.

    TD5 - has a representative sample of students tested the eLearning materials and any necessary modifications been made? (students to complete).

I would hope that the collation of qualitative data from meetings, interviews, discussions and quantitative data from the questionnaire will enable me to analyse and prepare an evaluation report.

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